Rocket Science for Educators helps to provide a friendly face to the STEM disciplines. The need to engage students in science, engineering and math should begin in elementary school. Rocket Science for Educators brings the motivation and exposure students  want directly to the classroom. Our instructors bring excitement and enthusiasm back to the faces of the students by providing creative alternatives to viewing the wonders of STEM. Rocket Science is ready to support the initiatives begun in the classroom with fun, energetic, and complementary activities that are passion based. Rocket Science for Educators is committed to coming along side existing educators with tools that are impactful towards college preparedness. We utilize only LEGO bricks, LEGO Duplo or LEGO Technic pieces in our curriculum. Contact us to learn more.



    Rocket Science provides all required tools and equipment.

    • LAUNCH Workshops for grades K - 5th
      • Students create simple machines and learn about pulleys, gears, levers, and how to increase their critical thinking skills.
    • STEM Workshops for grades 6th - 8th
      • Students explore the fascinating world of robotics, programming, construction, and problem solving during these workshops.
    • STEM Challenge for grades 2nd - 8th
      • This fun and fast paced event allows Rocket Science to engage with multiple grade levels on the same day. We create challenges and scenarios on campus and each grade spends 45 minutes participating in the STEM Challenge.

    Rocket Science for Educators offers robotic training for your campus. We have multiple levels of training that can be a la carte or bundled together. We will review your existing curriculum and inventory or provide new course of action. We offer three levels of  teacher training. "Robotic Protocol", "On-Board", and "Rocket Science". Each course offers handouts, hands on experience, and practical steps for you to keep the students engaged when you return to the classroom.


    Rocket Science offers team consulting for First LEGO League  (FLL) robotic challenges. Our FLL mentor is a head judge for the local area and has first hand experience in judging the FLL competitions. Rocket Science can offer support at every stage of your project development. Allow us to get you started, confirm your path, or guide the process. One visit or seceral will greatly improve your understanding of the FLL Competition experience. Contact us for details and opportunities.


    Rocket Science for educators offers curriculum development for LEGO robotic courses. We are the tool you need to inject structure and disciplined learning into your robotic classes. We assist in evaluating your existing curriculum for relevancy and skill level. We create fresh curriculum with custom challenges and obstacles. We work alongside your existing team to generate innovation and mental stimulation in STEM.


    Need an idea to bring in the parents? Want to see the Dads interact with their children? Need a reason to celebrate a school wide achievement? Want to say Thank you for a great year or Welcome Back? A Rocket Science Family Fun Night event is just what you are looking for. Our Family Fun Nights are memorable and capable of  successfully entertaining over 200 children,  parents and staff during our one night event. We have worked with local independent school districts for 6 consecutive years in the DFW area.  This is a school wide self -paced event  including a toddler play area and robotics. Each school returns year-after-year or once per semester, with enthusiasm. Join in the fun and give your school  a memorable family event to add to the yearbook this year. References available upon request. Contact us for more details.


    Rocket Science for Educators has crafted custom early           learning programs for  ages 4 through 9. Our early learning curriculum has allowed students to soar in the clouds, visit the Great Wall of China and Leaning Tower of Pisa, and become a first responder in their LEGO community. Our programs can either be scheduled for 5 consecutive days in the summer, one day a week during the school year or as an after-school program. You choose the theme and we design the STEM based LEGO fun. Rocket Science provides all LEGO.

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